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Private Lessons with Coach Ordonez


Private Training Package

$200 for 5 Sessions of High Intensity Training Sessions 

Private Lessons Rate      $50 an hour


Time and Locations

Once you purchase a package or session, Coach O will reach out to discuss what times and Dates work for you. We then select a field based on what we are training.

SHS Practice Fields

Central Winds Park Lower Fields

Quinn Strong Park

Faceoff Lessons

Elite Faceoff Coaching on various techniques, and strategies.  Once Mastery is achieved we move on to other concepts. I would rather you master a few moves then be subpar at multiple moves

Offensive Training

Footwork , Dodges, Shot technique and everything needed to make you a more dynamic offense player

Defensive Training

Approaches , Passing , Groundballs, Offball positioning and the footwork needed to be a better Defensive Player

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